I'm Ready!

Would you love to know how to style yourself, shop with confidence and have your ideal wardrobe?

Do you struggle to know where to start, what to buy or how to put it all together?

What if you had a system to help you?

Just imagine how differently your day could go if dressing was easy and stress free, you had an abundance of outfits to suit your lifestyle that you not only love, but you also feel great in…


is a transformational online styling course that will help women nail their own style, transform their own wardrobe and shop smart with direction and ease!

This course is designed for the woman who wants to learn how to be their own stylist, from the comfort of their own home! The Smart Style Systems will teach you how to understand your own personal style, create a wardrobe that you not only love, but works incredibly hard, and how to shift your mindset to become someone who shops with confidence and never settles.

What I noticed working with all my clients over the years, is that many women are still shopping based on some very outdated rules that don’t just limit their choices but give no freedom for self-expression.

So, I have created the systems, tools, and loads of useful tips to share with YOU to make it happen, much quicker and easier than you ever imagined.

I believe that clothing is way more powerful than we think, and it can have a huge effect on the way we not only think but feel and function. My aim is to not just get you “looking great” but also “feeling great”, loving what you wear and empowering you to dress confidently for your lifestyle.

I do this by showing you how to style yourself from the inside out and refuse to follow “outdated rules” that literally either confuse you or lock you in to this tiny little box where you miss out on all the magic!

I’ll help you to understand your own proportions, what you want to minimise and maximise, making it much easier to create a style that both looks and feels good.

I really want to empower you to understand yourself, your style and only “wear what makes YOU feel good.”

I completely understand that shopping can be overwhelming for some of you reading this. You might struggle finding anything to wear that actually feels good.
Do you
  • Waste money on items that either never get worn
  • Feel stuck in a style rut and you don’t know your own style
  • Feel your body shape has changed
  • Don’t know where to start shopping
  • Don't understand what’s missing in your wardrobe to make it work hard
  • Either freak out when you have nothing to wear, or cancel social plans that should be fun because your too embarrassed
Or perhaps you LOVE shopping,
but just a little too much…
  • You have a wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear
  • You buy items because shopping is fun, but you still can’t understand why you can’t pull an outfit together to go for a coffee or cocktail on the weekend
  • You either feel too dressed up, or too casual because you don’t have the in-betweeners
  • You have a wardrobe full of orphans, (items that don’t go with anything else, one off pieces) but no outfits
All the above equates to you either settling and feeling average in what you wear and more importantly wasting money on “that will do” or items that simply aren’t you.

This course is for you if were nodding at the screen reading the above saying OMG Yes that’s me…. HELP!!!

  • You want to feel and look like you’re put together
  • You would love to learn how to be your own stylist
  • You’re not in a position to work directly one-on-one with us
  • You would like easy and empowering tips to dress your shape and colourings
  • You’re sick and tired of wasting money on clothing your never wear, or you “settle” for because you’re in a rush or overwhelmed
This course isn’t for you if:

You don’t think you can do this process on your own. I recommend you look at our one-on-one services

You want to follow “old school” or “outdated” rules. You can Google those.

The work that you do throughout this course will bring you the shifts needed to understand yourself on a new level, so you can step in to stores with a fresh outlook, making shopping easier and dare I say fun LOL!



is all about understanding exactly who you are, and how you would like to be perceived. I’m going to help you get clear on what you would love your personal style to look and most importantly feel like.

What’s important to you in your style? How would you want to feel walking out that door each morning?

I’m going to help you create your own Pinterest board for visual inspiration and find your unique combination of “style words” that will help you understand how you want to feel in your new style.

We will end this module with an abundance of knowledge on how to re-direct the line of vision to focus on the areas of your body you love the most (and away from the ones you don’t), plus change the way you look at colour by empowering you to choose the colours that not only look great, but light you up from the inside.

By the end of Module One, you will have:
A vision board on Pinterest, clarity on your own unique combination of “style words”. A clearer understanding of your body and the areas that you would like to minimise and / or maximise. Loads of empowering tips on how to dress your shape and use colour to make you feel awesome.


 is about cleansing and re-organising, so we actually know exactly what’s going on in your wardrobe.

Taking all the knowledge from Module 1 you’re now going to look at your current wardrobe with fresh eyes! What needs to go? How can you organise this space better, and what’s missing to make it work harder?

You’ll learn how to use dark and light neutrals to build a staple wardrobe, then add colour, print and texture to create a wardrobe that you love and aligns with your personal style.

By the end of Module 2, you will know:
How to make great decisions on what you should keep and what you should throw. How to re-organise your space so getting dressed each morning is easy, because you can see what you actually own. What your missing wardrobe gaps are and how to build a hard-working wardrobe no matter what stage your wardrobe is at.


Strap yourself in as we’re on the home stretch here!

You’ve evolved over the last 2 modules, so now it’s time to make any tweaks needed to your final hit list, understand the importance of hitting the stores with a plan, how to avoid getting caught up in the emotion of shopping and have the gift of a head start on where to find your most important basic staples pieces. This module will help you add structure to your creative process, so you become a much smarter shopper.

By the end of Module 3, you will have:
Your finalized hit list and what items you need to find first. The tools to hit the stores with a plan. The ever so important questions to ask yourself in the fitting room to avoid wasting money on those mistake purchases, and lifetime access to my exclusive “Smart Style Systems” shoppable channel full of staple options for all shapes and sizes.


I'll put my hand up and admit that before I became a stylist, I was total shopaholic! I spent so much money on fancy dresses and heels that I hardly ever, or never wore.

I would try multiple outfits on each time I had to go out and end up having a meltdown because nothing “felt right.”

I didn’t understand my own personal style, I would get caught up in the “fitting room fun” and buy things purely from emotion and the thrill of the purchase, but not consider if they were actually my style or how I wanted to be perceived.

I purchased random items, which I refer to as “orphans” because they didn’t go back with anything in my wardrobe.

I never considered my lifestyle or where I would ever wear it – I had a wardrobe that was fit for a glamourous socialite, (which trust me, I was not) and I had nothing to wear to Sunday coffees, afternoon cocktails (which was my life) and to be honest a lot of the garments weren’t super comfortable. Comfort is a massive factor for me, if I feel restricted in any way, I’ll spend my time regretting that I wore it, and miss out on having a good time because I’m too busy thinking about when I can get home rip it off!

I would open my overflowing wardrobe each morning and feel guilt, shame and embarrassment thinking about all the money I had wasted on items that were just "sitting pretty in my wardrobe" not wearable. It was hard to cleanse and de-clutter my wardrobe because I'd paid so much for these items that I’d never worn (and deep down knew I’d never wear). I'd sometimes even cancel plans because the overwhelm of trying to find an outfit was too much. I just couldn't at the time understand where I was going wrong because I thought I was great at shopping. I was always buying new things and I had a wardrobe jam packed full of beautiful clothing that all looked great "hanging in my wardrobe"

Sound familiar?

To this day I still absolutely love shopping, but I now shop a whole lot smarter and I can't tell you how much it's changed my life. I now open my wardrobe each morning with a different kind of problem "which outfit combo should I wear today". (Good problem to have by the way) I own less clothing these days, however have more variety because I've been training this smart shopping muscle of mine for a while now!

Fast forward approx. 10 years and I’ve learnt that the above wasn't the only struggle women had with their wardrobes. In all my years of styling, I’ve learnt that following every so called "body shape and colour rule" in the world still doesn’t mean you will FEEL GOOD in what you’re wearing, and that clothing is way more powerful than you think. It can leave you feeling all sorts of emotions about yourself from stressed, unorganized, messy, yes even frumpy. Or it can have the power to get you walking out that door feeling confident, great about yourself and ready to take on the day feeling awesome. 

Which would you rather? 



I understand how crazy life can get so feel free to work through the course at your own pace. We all evolve and grow throughout stages in life, which means your style might too. Your shape may change, your lifestyle or career might change, so you can revisit this course at any point to renew the process and you will also have access to any updates added.


You will receive exclusive access to my private “Smart Style Shopping Channel” that will give you an in depth look at all my favourite staple items for different body shapes. This will be updated as needed.


I’ve made a conscious effort to use as many “real bodies” of all shapes and sizes to inspire and impower you throughout the course.


You can benefit from this course no matter where in the world you live.


This course is a mix of both to keep things interesting and fun.

I’m super excited to share it with you. I trust that there is an abundance of knowledge and inspiration no matter what your style!


Whether you’re feeling scared, nervous or sceptical, know that these emotions can be completely normal. 

It’s totally ok for you to want more information before committing, and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

You can contact my support team via email


This course is for you if you would love to learn how to style yourself. You would love to define your own personal style, how to dress for your unique shape and feel amazing in what you wear. It’s also perfect for anyone who needs to de-clutter or understand why their current wardrobe isn’t working, what staples they need to make their wardrobe works harder, and how to shop smarter for their lifestyle
Absolutely you can do it at your own pace. You will have lifetime access for as long as this course exists including any updates as I release them. I encourage you to repeat any part, or the entire course as often as you like There are 3 modules within this course, that include 4 chapters per module. Learning a new skill can take time, and this will also depend on how much time you dedicate. Some could breeze through this course over a few days, and others will like to take their time and learn at a slower pace. There is no wrong or right, just know that I want you to continue building your smart style muscle every single time you shop or cleanse your wardrobe.
Hells yeah you can, however a lot of it is generalised, outdated and limiting. I’m going to teach you how to individualise the process of dressing for your style, shape and colourings, plus give you loads of tips on how to break free from the rules and dress to feel confident. This is the exact system I use with my one-on-one clients to get powerful and transformational results.
90% of this course is online. The videos and online workbook are jam packed full of tips and tricks designed to be practical to use on computers, laptops, IPad’s and smartphones. There is a small element at the end of each module that you can print for notes and a quiz for the information you just absorbed (although you can just opt to write this in a notebook, if you don’t have access to a printer) The Smart Style Systems are designed to be interactive with diverse learning styles. I’m super proud of the course I have created and will continue to invest in updating the content when needed Note: I don’t recommend you print the online workbook element, because the colours may not come out as true as on screen which may affect what you need to see, plus you will also miss the imbedded video content.
Good things come to those who sign up! Once you’ve hit the “I’m Ready” button, you’ll head straight through to the cart process and within minutes of completing this, an email will magically land in your inbox with your login details.
Please do not share your login details with anyone. Your login and password are only for you to use. (Multiple downloads are tracked, so I’ll know!)
Yes, absolutely, however in Module 3 Chapter 4 there may be some shopping channel content that may not apply to all countries.
I think you will definitely love it, but if not – no worries. If within 14 days of purchasing this course, you decide that it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll offer you a full refund. There will be no hard feelings, and nothing but well wishes because that’s how confident I am in the quality of my program! I want you to feel excited and confident about choosing to investment in yourself. So, if you try it out and it isn’t for you, then nothing lost.
Even just thinking about the words “test or assessment” would send me running! Which is why a “quiz” at the end of each Module. I want this course to be fun, enlightening, but also empowering. Each quiz will help you make sure you are on the path to transformation and self-awareness to help you become a much smarter shopper.


Thank you again for the virtual styling session on Wednesday …I now have focus and am feeling much more  positive about updating my wardrobe.

I really felt I gained so much insight and understanding regarding what styles suit me and why, and also appreciate that you tailored the session to  suit my particular situation.

Look forward to a future styling session.