Your Secret Weapon to Make Shopping and Dressing Easier!

This membership is pretty much like having a stylist in your pocket, as it gives you exclusive access to our "Private Facebook Group” for style feedback, questions, support and connection. Post your questions or upload photos and you’ll receive expert advice from Chelsea and the team.

It's also the inspiration and support you'll need to make shopping trips quicker and easier, while staying current by having access to our exclusive "member resource hub" full of current inspiration on "where to buy and how to wear"


Do you often wish you could just ask a professional (with an unbiased opinion) "how can I wear this?" or "does this suit me?"

Would you love to make your shopping trips quicker, stay current, learn how to mix and match, plus have us at your fingertips to ask all your style and shopping questions?

What if you had us to help you from the comfort of your home for "ONLY A SMALL MONTH FEE"

Imagine what it would be like to have…
  • Regular mix and match inspiration without even having to hit the shops
  • The inside knowledge on where to buy what (so shopping becomes quick & easy)
  • Access to Chelsea & the team to ask all your personalised style & shopping questions
  • Videos of us styling guest body shapes, with real changeroom and shape challenges
  • More confidence in not only what you’re wearing, but the purchases you’re making
  • Clarity to stop settling, and actually feel FREAKING AMAZING in what you wear
  • Seasonal LIVE Master Classes / Q&A’s hosted by Chelsea & the Team


My Style Tribe is all about helping you simplify your shopping trips which can often seem extremely overwhelming. With seasonal masterclass's, regular style inspiration videos, shoppable boards, and a pressure-free private Facebook group for support. We've newly simplified our membership experience, and created a space for style seekers.

My Style Tribe is here to answer any of your style and shopping questions. Like “Where can I find the perfect pair of jeans for me?” “Should I buy this top?” “Does this dress work for me?” "How else can I wear this?" etc etc… Having us literally in your pocket will then help you move from being stuck in overwhelm to having direction, guidance and confidence when either shopping or dressing

My Style Tribe is here to put you in the same space as other women who are in a similar situation, meaning you will also gain loads of knowledge from their questions and answers. There’s definitely not a one size fits approach all when it comes to dressing which is why we personalise answers as much as we can. Gain inspiration. Get ideas. And find the answer to “How can I wear this?”

By staying true to your personal style, understanding where to shop for what, and never settling for “that will do” again means you’ll begin to change the way you see and perceive yourself.

Clothing is way more powerful than you think, so when you start to wear the clothes that light you up from the inside out, you will not only start to see yourself in a more confident light, but you will also start to feel more confident within yourself too.

WIN-WIN I say!


This membership is designed to constantly keep you thinking about what you’re buying and why….

Giving you ideas on where to buy what items (we live in stores, so we have the insider’s knowledge) & how to wear current stock / trends in stores

We also want to keep you in check to make sure you’re making “smart purchases” by filling gaps first, staying true to your own style & NEVER SETTLING!!

The Weekly Content is designed to inspire the hell out of you, but also show you multiple ways to easily mix and match outfits & wardrobes. This will be a mix of pre-recorded videos by the team & will also include guest body shapes, shoppable boards, seasonal hit lists (that you can easily personalise to your own wardrobe and style), plus live masterclasses and Q&A’s.

The Private Facebook Support Group is there for you to ask us as many style questions as you like… This is a safe space for you to share pics, ask us where you can find items for your shape, style and price point, get our advice on how to make your current items work harder, if you should purchase particular items or if we know where you can find something more suitable, plus loads more!


We’re shopping experts, masters of mix and match and we want to help make shopping easier, quicker and fun!

You can choose to be as active as you want in this membership. Jump in and ask us lots of questions, or quietly learn from just watching the content… We will leave that up to you!

This is perfect for any of our existing clients who want support in between shopping sessions, or to simply continue building your wardrobe with us virtually.

However, It’s also just as beneficial for those who have never worked with us before! We can still give you loads of personalized advice to help you either fill your wardrobe gaps or get you LOVING what you wear!


‘My Style Tribe’ 

Is a monthly community delivering a more personalised approach to help you confidently master shopping, outfit creation and style development for yourself in a fun, empowering yet down to earth environment. 

Delivered by myself and my international team of styling experts, we'll be with you weekly to teach, inspire and encourage you to transform how you shop and build outfits for yourself. 

Side effects include but are not limited to…

  • Renewed sense of self-esteem & increased motivation in all areas of life
  • Shopping might actually become fun
  • Getting dressed might become a whole lot quicker & easier
  • You might start dating again, meet the love of your life, land a promotion or go after your dream job
  • You might find yourself smiling more, wanting to get out and be more social, and some even may have an extra skip in their step and twinkle in their eye :wink:
  • More time spent looking in the mirror at yourself is common, because you actually like what you see
  • End up with a wardrobe you actually love and wear
  • CAUTION: Working with us can be highly addictive. Once you start, you might never want to stop


What's included

Upon signing up, you'll be asked to create your own unique “LOG IN” to our portal.
From there, you'll be able to access the self-lead "Smart Style System" components at your leisure and view any of the weekly content we've created for you

styling videos

Live Group


Access to Chelsea's
Shopping Channel

Private Facebook

Weekly Inspiration

  • 1 x group LIVE session per season with Chelsea and the team to get personalized style coaching
  • BONUS recorded sessions based on the theme of the month and what's in store, including guest body shapes
  • Exclusive shopping recommendations from both in-store & shoppable boards
  • What's on sale, what's worth investing in, and what are Chelsea and her team are purchasing with clients each month.
  • A perfect balance of content for everyone
  • TOTAL VALUE $2000 pa

Community Styling Support

  • Exclusive access to "My Style Tribe Facebook Group" for feedback, questions, support and connection.
  • Post your questions or upload photos and you'll receive expert advice from Chelsea and the team. 
  • This is where the true GOLD is
  • How much time and money would this save you, if you could just ask our opinion or advice
  • TOTAL VALUE - Priceless!
This membership isn’t for you if:

You don’t like shopping. I recommend you look at our one-on-one services

You want to follow “old school” or “outdated” rules. You can Google those.

We are so incredibly excited to help you feel amazing in what you wear through this platform and I trust that there is an abundance of knowledge, inspiration and value no matter your style!


With NO lock in contracts, you can get started today and gain instant access to our team and "STYLE HUB" that's already full of style inspiration



If you’re feeling scared, nervous or sceptical, know that these emotions can be completely normal. 

It’s totally ok for you to want more information before jumping in, and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

You can contact my support team via email


This membership is a monthly subscription, however there are no lock in contracts. If you would like to cancel at any time, simply shoot us an email at and we will cancel your membership with absolutely no hard feelings!

There will be a heavy focus on casual to smart casual looks, with a touch of social events! We will mainly show a mix of price points and brands that we use with our everyday clients such as…

Affordable: Decjuba, Forever new, Portmans

Mid Range: Witchery, Country Rd, Seed, Trenery, Saba, Cue, David Lawrence, Veronika Maine, Jag, French Connection, Storm, Ena Pelly – Plus more

Designer: Scanlan Theodore, Zimmerman, Anine Bing, Ginger & Smart, Husk plus Camilla & Marc just to name a few

Shoes: Midas, Jo Mercer, Edward Meller, Wittner & Nine West, Mi Piaci & Merchant

Hells yeah you can, however a lot of it is generalised, outdated and limiting. I’m going to teach you how to individualise the process of dressing for your style, shape and colourings, plus give you loads of tips on how to break free from the rules and dress to feel confident. This is the exact system I use with my one-on-one clients to get powerful and transformational results.

90% of My Style Tribe is online. The videos and online workbook are jam packed full of tips and tricks designed to be practical to use on computers, laptops, IPad’s and smartphones. There is a small element at the end of each module that you can print for notes and a quiz for the information you just absorbed (although you can just opt to write this in a notebook, if you don’t have access to a printer)

The Smart Style System element is designed to be interactive with diverse learning styles. I’m super proud of the course I have created and will continue to invest in updating the content when needed

Note: I don’t recommend you print the online workbook element, because the colours may not come out as true as on screen which may affect what you need to see, plus you will also miss the imbedded video content.

Good things come to those who sign up! Once you’ve hit the “I’m Ready” button, you’ll head straight through to the cart process and within minutes of completing this, an email will magically land in your inbox with your login details to gain access to your members only area. Plus, you will also have a link to join our private Facebook community if you wish and ask questions or be further inspired!

Please do not share your login details with anyone. Your login and password are only for you to use. (Multiple downloads are tracked, so we will know!)

Yes, absolutely! The shopping content we create will mainly be Australia and New Zealand based, however there will be loads of golden nuggets to take away from this membership no matter where you live.

“The Smart Style System” is a once of purchase that is designed to help you follow the same system I use with my one-on-one clients including “Understanding You & Your Style” “Edit & Re-organise your Wardrobe” “Shop Smarter & Become Your Own Stylist”. Module 1 alone will save you 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars moving forward because you have so much clarity about your proportions and your own unique style that there will be no settling moving forward!

“My Style Tribe” is a monthly Subscription giving you style support, which will also help make your shopping trips quicker, easier and even more fun! We will inspire you to mix and match outfits using current stock in stores back with what you already have at home, and help you stay on track to shop smarter and stop wasting money on mistake purchases. You have the support of our Facebook community to jump in and ask us all your style and shopping questions!

Chelsea and Emilia thanks to you wonderful ladies I’ve filled my gaps in my wardrobe! I just had a good try on experience at home with some online purchases guided by your tutelage.

Some big wins are I got a blazer! I bought the knit one from Portmans in a M and I’m happy with it! Sits nicely on my back. Filled my casual gap with some Witchery and Commonry dresses. Also bought the forever new Zimmerman lookalike dress and my boobs fit!!! Yay!!

And I wore my Trenery dress (green leaf linen) today and got a compliment from a stranger and felt good all day!

You guys are the best! I feel like I have loads of summer options now – Nicole

Thank you so much for talking me through the items yesterday! I really appreciate all of the help you’ve given me since joining the tribe! Not only have I learnt a lot about my style and body shape, but my wardrobe has some really great pieces and accessories!

The Facebook support group is my fav. It’s always exciting to see what you’ve posted for us, have my questions answered and be able to learn from what the other ladies have asked or written. Plus, I love that I can ask questions at any time and you’ll jump in there to help

I definitely feel more empowered dressing & shopping. X - Peta


Try on videos are great as you can visually see what different colours, and shirts with tucks, and jackets can change the shape. Great visual for myself. Also loving all of your little tips and tricks such as the rule of three and what bag and shoe to wear. – Liza