Find My Style


Transform your approach to fashion with “Find My Style” – a revolutionary, three-step system designed to redefine your wardrobe and style in less than 30 minutes.

What You’ll Get:

  1. Two Instructional Videos: Dive into the video guides that guide you through the process and help bring you closer to your unique style.
  2. Printable Workbook & Exercises: Accompanying the videos is a workbook that is printable with insightful exercises to give you a tangible reference on your style journey.
  3. Quiz: Conclude your journey with a quiz designed to reinforce your newfound knowledge. This engaging quiz ensures you’ve extracted all the valuable insights needed to confidently step into your wardrobe or hit the stores.

Through our unique three-step system, you’ll gain:

  • Clarity – Start with a consultation exercise to help you understand yourself and how you want to feel
  • Direction – Using the power of Mood Boards you will create a visual reference to help discover your personal style
  • Self Check – Discover your own set of unique Style Words to make sure you feel great in what you wear and never make a purchase you regret again